Here are a few of shots of my Drumsets. I use DW drums and hardware, Zildjian Cymbals, Shure Microphones, and XLSpecialty Protechtor cases, and endorse Vic Firth sticks.


SET #1 (Since 1995)

Drum Workshop Drums (black cherry satin oil w/ brass hardware)                                       

  1. 6x10 (10ply maple) Side Snare
  2. 5x14 (10ply maple) Snare Drum
  3. 7x8 FAST Tom
  4. 8x10 FAST Tom
  5. 9x12 FAST Tom
  6. 10x13 FAST Tom
  7. 11x14 FAST Tom
  8. 13x16 FAST Tom
  9. 16x21 Gong Drum
  10. 16x20 Bass Drum
  11. 18x22 Bass Drum 

other snares: 5x14 Brass Snare Drum, 5x14 EDGE Snare Drum, 5x14 Solid Snare Drum, 5x14 Ludwig Acrolite Snare Drum, 6.5x14 '39 Slingerland Radio King Snare Drum

Zildjian Cymbals (my left to right)

  1. 20" A Custom Swish (or 20" A Swish)
  2. 15" A Custom Crash
  3. 13" A Custom Hihats
  4. 10" A Custom Splash (or 11" A Splash)
  5. 17" A Custom Crash
  6. 8" A Custom Splash (or 9" Oriental Splash)
  7. 20" K Heavy Ride or (20" K Custom Dry Light Ride)
  8. 12/14" Oriental Trash Hats (or 10" S/R Hihats)
  9. 19" K China Boy
  10. 18" A Custom Crash

DW 5000 series Bass Drum Pedals and Hihats/ Collarlock Drum Rack/ 9101 DW Throne

Shure Microphones

Beta 52s in Bass Drums and Gong Drums on May mounts, SM57s on Snares, SM81 on Hihat, KSM32 for Overheads, Beta 98s on Toms, E5s in my ears.

Vic Firth Steve Smith model sticks 


When I play with Dakota Road and when I do sessions I use a smaller version of my drumset.  I use a double bass drum pedal on one bass drum and use at least two toms.  Most of the time I use five toms, because I like to have a choice of tones.  I choose the sizes depending on the type of music and the volume level that is needed.  Lately I have been using a dry ride cymbal and that helps in keeping the volume down for the quieter situations that I play in.  I mic this kit with any where from two mics (live) to ten mics (studio)