1993    Prairie Gospel  -All The Earth

1996    Chris Beyer  -Faith Along The Way

1997    Larry Olson (DRM)  -The Living Room

1997    Dakota Road (DRM)  -Build Up

1999    Epiphany  -Right Here, Right Now

1999    Search For George  -A Little Bit Misunderstood

2000    First Assembly of God worship team CD, Sioux Falls 

2000    Penny Oestmann

2000    Dakota Road (DRM)  -All Are Welcome

2000    Various -Dancing At The Crossroads-live

2002    Robert R Perkinson  -Peace Will Come

2002    James Willars  -Window To My World

2002    Trevor Hislop  -I'm On My Way

2002    John Stewart  -J Marshall S

2002    Dakota Road (DRM)  -From The Ashes

2002    Julie Jensen  -Lucky

2003    Dakota Road (DRM)  -Boundless Love

2003    Hans Peterson (DRM)  -Harvest of a Heart

2003    The Missing Links (DRM) -Fundumbmental

2004    Kory and the Fireflies  -Live at Ribfest and Beyond-DVD

2004    Penny Oestmann  -Resurrection

2004    Electric Christmas II  -" Do They Know It's Christmas" & " Silent Night"

2005    Kory and the Fireflies  -"She's Coming Back Again" (single)

2005    Christel Lankhorst (DRM)  -Things of My Life

2005    Bret Ferguson  -"Halleluia" (single) 

2006    Chris Beyer  -"I Miss You On Christmas" (single)

2006    Terry Thompson/ Jim Hamilton  -"Drunk Chicks Think I'm Hot" (single CD/DVD)

2006    Beggar  -Scraps of Grace

2006    Larry Olson (DRM)  -Old House Volume One

2006    Larry Olson (DRM)  -Water & Dirt

2006    Dakota Road (DRM)  -Love Can Break Through

2006    David Lee Brown/Scott Jibben  -Nashville songwriting demos

2007    Kory and the Fireflies  -Love to Give

2008    Floppy Cat Songs  -Songs That Make You Flop

2008    Jason Jahn  -No Plan B

2009    Kory and the Fireflies  -Love To Give Concert (DVD)

2009    Dakota Road (DRM)  -Break These Chains

2010    John Mills  -Everythings Different

2010    Anjelic  -Come Inside

2010    Celebrate Community Church  -Celebrate Hope Volume Two

2011    The Toronto Brothers  -The Pact (film soundtrack)

2011    Dakota Road (DRM)  -Liturgy for Earthkeeping

2012    Nathan Hitchcock  -Defined...Songs of Life Church, Sioux Falls, SD

2012    Hans Peterson (DRM)  -A Time To Mourn...A Time To Dance

2012    Electric Christmas III  -"I Miss You"  "O Come O Come Emmanuel"

                                          "To Bethlehem From Here"  "White Christmas"

                                          "Hark the Herald"

2013  Anjelic -Sing for Joy

2014  Larry Olson (DRM) -Blessings on the Road

2014  Gay Lynn Ames -River of Life Revelation Inc

5/19/2014  Scott Jibben -"Fast Ain't Good Enough". Aired on CBS show Unforgettable 

2014  James Willer

2014  Phil Baker

2015  Hans Peterson (DRM) -Every Breath I Sing

2015  River of Life Revelation Inc  -Upon the Sands of Doom

2015  Brian Masek and Friends -Live at Jazz Fest 2015  SDPTV

2015  Anjelic -Mercy

2015  Jodie Nielsen and Janell Mills -Lean on You

2015  The Bloom Project (release pending)

2015  Carlene CeCe Prince (release pending)

2016  My Revolution -Not Broken

2016  Darwin Husby

2016  Rita Weber

2016  Chuck Hendrickson

2016  Brian Masek and Friends -Forthcoming 

2016  Inkwell Echo

2016  Puberty -the Musical

2016  JAS Quintet -Live at Jazz Fest 2016  SDPTV 

2017  Brian Masek and Friends -Live at Jazz Fest 2016  SDPTV

2017 Leslie Dolby -Rockin’ Red

2017 Chuck Hendrickson 

2017 Tom Wingert

2017 Electric Christmas IV -“the Grinch” Eldon Fisher

                                       -“Wonderful Christmas Time” Bret Ferguson

                                       -“Merry Christmas Baby” Tara Faber

2017 Inkwell Echo -“I’m Mesmerized” 

                            - aired on Showtime’s Shameless (12/4/17 episode 805)